Commercial Development

Benefits to Hiring Prime West

Eight Reasons Why Your Project Needs Prime West:

1 - Based on our experience and current market knowledge, we will share with you the most effective strategy to achieve the desired objectives.

2 - Prime West has no conflict of interest. Because Prime West is a developer without in-house design or construction groups, we are able to focus on the development of the entire project without conflict. We collaborate with and challenge the design team and contractors to offer alternatives and we work with them to ensure competitiveness. As Developer, we are separate from the Architect and General Contractor, and therefore will hold them accountable to their commitments to ensure the Project stays on Budget and Schedule.

3 - We will listen. Prime West will endeavour to know and understand needs, requirements and expectations. This information allows us to actively participate with you to design the Project that best meets the functionality that they require.

4 - You will have an experienced local Commercial Real Estate Developer who has developed over five million (5,000,000) square feet of buildings in Colorado, a number of which are award-winning projects. We have become extremely proficient in evaluating first costs versus operating costs, which includes analysis of structural systems, building materials, HVAC systems, efficient building core configurations, life safety systems and systems for windows and roofs. We recognize that our clients' buildings must have the built-in flexibility to meet today's needs as well as be adaptable to future changes. This experience will enable our client to make Project decisions based on information that is thoroughly quantified and qualified.

5 - As our Client, you will have a developer that is accountable to you for Quality, Budget and Schedule. Prime West is responsible for the overall Project, not just the design or the construction. As such, you will have Prime West as a single source of accountability for the Project.

6 - Prime West will ensure that the appropriate team is selected for this Project. It is critical to evaluate and select the proper design and engineering team as well as construction personnel in order to deliver this Project in the time frame and to the quality standards that are required. Because of the interrelationship between the core and shell aspects of the Project and the tenant improvements, it is important that the entire Project scope of work is managed effectively. Prime West has the flexibility to work in whatever manner best suits your needs.

7 - Prime West will maintain an Open Book Policy pertaining to all documents and correspondence concerning the Project. This includes all construction costs, bids, fees, loan documents, etc., that are material to the Project. This Open Book Policy encourages trust which is the foundation for teamwork.

8 - Prime West will create lines of communication to ensure successful teamwork. The development process is arduous and relentless in its need for attention to the details. Without open, constant communication between all the team members, the process breaks down. Prime West will facilitate communication between all parties. This will ensure we achieve our common goal of providing a facility of the quality and design which meets your near term and long term requirements and expectations.