Commercial Development

Our Development Clients have nothing but good things to say about Prime West!


“Our experience with all of our office development in recent years is that you work countless hours establishing a formal relationship-outlined in a contract-but the true test of a project is when you really do not reference the contract after it is signed. Trust takes over and the parties work together towards a mutually beneficial conclusion. Steve Clarke and the Prime West team personify that maxim and their professionalism underscores what a true pleasure it is to work with them. They have a high sense of integrity and pride in their work and have proven to be the best team leader we have yet to work with.”
Mark Ruhe, Vice President Real Estate, T. Rowe Price
“When dealing with a developer on a "build-to-suit" project, we usually enter preliminary discussions with some basic concerns: - Does the developer really understand our needs? - After agreeing to a contract with the developer, how do we grapple with the inevitable question of whether or not creating the final plan generates issues related to a change in scope or is part of the original agreement? - When the inevitable change in scope occurs during the construction process, how equitable are those changes handled? The answer to all those client concerns becomes obvious after the completion of that project. Fortunately, when dealing with Prime West all the concerns proved to be unnecessary on not just one project, but two similar projects. In fact, if anything, the entire process improved with the second project after an outstanding experience with our first building. The keynote is professionalism throughout the Prime West organization along with the firms they partner with to complete these projects. We have had both exceptional and "less than exceptional" results with various developers and contractors throughout the country. The entire DeVry team would unanimously put Prime West in the exceptional to work with category rather than the latter and we would highly recommend Prime West to other potential building users.”
Ken Rutkowski, Vice President Operations Services and Administration DeVry University
“In a span of three (3) months, Prime West literally built from scratch the new interior space for our new Westminster University Campus. I do not know if anyone will ever fully appreciate the dedication and commitment Prime West demonstrated to ensure the project schedule be met without sacrifice to quality of workmanship. There is no question that Prime West delivers high value service and we were proud to have had this association.”
Dr. Thomas W. Krause, President Colorado Technical University - Denver North and South Campuses
“We're extremely pleased with the Development Management services of Prime West. We have a campus of buildings here at K N, and Prime West worked very effectively in managing a large number of contractors and consultants in order to complete several projects, including the construction of our new corporate headquarters and the renovation of two (2) existing office buildings on time and within budget.”
Darrell Hirsch, Manager of Facilities - Kinder Morgan (formerly K N Energy, Inc.)
“For the development of our medical office building, we conducted an extensive interview process and selected Prime West based on their willingness to provide a customized service that fully met our criteria. We relied on their expertise to assist us in the selection of the balance of the Development Team which included the Architect, Consultants and General Contractor. Their experience and knowledge with commercial development in the metropolitan area is second to none. Prime West controlled the budgeting and scheduling process and kept us informed at all times during the design and construction phases enabling us to make well educated and informed decisions as required. Prime West was instrumental in delivering the building six weeks early and keeping our Project within the established budget. Throughout the entire process, we found Prime West to be accurate, timely and an excellent source for information relative to our development. I have no reservations about recommending Prime West for any development project. ”
Dr. William Schoolcraft, Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine
“We had a very short time frame in which to complete our project and faced a lot of challenges. Fortunately, we found Prime West. They were resourceful, hard working, extremely budget- and deadline-driven, and focused on the customer. Plus, they had the pre-established relationships in the local market which really made life a lot easier for me, since I was heading up the project on our end. Their President and CEO, Steve Clarke, has integrity and resolves issues in a forthright manner. Prime West was instrumental in getting our project in on time, and I'm very pleased with how it went.”
T. J. Coombs, Director of Customer & Sales Strategy - Georgia Pacific Corporation
“Steve Clarke and his staff at Prime West were the most responsive team of people I've ever dealt with on a construction project. They not only handled our questions and problems quickly and competently, but, more importantly, they brought the project in on time and under budget.”
John Dodds, Manager Corporate Facilities and Administration - Ampex Systems Corporation
“Since we needed to supplement our health care system with a purpose-built, state-of-the-art rehabilitation and occupational medical center with supporting medical office space for physicians, it became apparent rather quickly that we were looking to build an atypical building. To take rehabilitation, education and even some follow-up care out of a hospital setting, we would need a facility that was able to perform several functions simultaneously. We needed to include hydrotherapy pools, exercise rooms, classrooms and offices; all on a tight budget. Prime West was able to not only meet our expectations, but exceeded them in developing a building that is both a model facility within the health care industry, and a successful example of how a project like this can enhance the growth and vitality of a community.”
Bob Fling, Director of Real Estate Services - Centura Health
“When our administrative team decided to increase our market presence in Highlands Ranch, Prime West brought together all the demographic data and property costs to help us select the right location. They handled all the zoning red tape and transactions with minimal involvement from us. Then Prime West designed and developed an aesthetically pleasing and efficient building that maximizes all usable space. Since the business would feed into our services at Littleton Adventist Hospital, they developed an aesthetic tie-in. Throughout the design and development of the project, they were thorough in their planning and reporting. They were great quarterbacks, ensuring that all players on the design-building team moved down the field together and on time.”
Morre Dean, Vice President - Centura Health Porter and Littleton Adventist Hospitals
“"Since our design group is based in California , having Prime West involved on site was especially instrumental to achieving our objectives on this project. They kept everything on track. We needed a building with a distinctive design which would help us attract and keep talented employees. The facility's flexible space planning allows for expansion by 25,000 square feet to meet the changing needs of our growing Colorado group. We are looking forward to working with the team at Prime West as we go back in to finish those areas."”
Patricia Clark, Facilities Planning Manager Cirrus Logic
“We have Prime West to thank for ensuring that our new headquarters facility was completed on time and within budget. No one at Up With People had any experience in the development process, and Prime West exceeded our expectations and demonstrated care and concern that our goals were being met at every point.”
Jim MacLennan, Executive Vice President - Up With People International
“Moving Up With People to Colorado was an entire state effort. Most companies would be disinclined to involve themselves with the project since it was very time intensive and required the utmost confidentiality. Prime West handled every aspect perfectly and was involved from start to finish. They worked successfully within extremely narrow parameters and adhered to strict covenants, a very tight timeline and numerous demands of both the client and business park officials.”
Jim Long, Owner's Agent and Representative - Interlocken Advanced Technology Environment
“I'm convinced that hiring Prime West was the best money we spent in the development of our corporate headquarters. They made sure that our needs and interests were served throughout the process, from coordinating approvals with the city through design, construction and move in. Their management efforts added tremendous value to the project.”
Barnet Feinblum, Chairman, CEO & President - Celestial Seasonings, Inc.
“We had a limited time frame in which to make our move and get everything accomplished. Prime West demonstrated a real desire to work with us and offered us competitive pricing. This was not an easy project. There was unique custom work involved that required major system re-routing, additional approvals, and an unusual amount of coordination with our design-build firm. Prime West was highly effective at cost control and completed a top-quality facility in time to meet our move-in schedule. We were in and operating about five months after we broke ground!”
Pat Ahern , General Manager - Red Rocks Credit Union