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Prime West Executive Team:


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Jim Neenan, President and COO

"I lead teams of professionals, coordinate all activities, maintain open lines of communication and ensure quality, schedule and budget goals are met or exceeded."

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James Carey Crain, Executive Vice President

"I maintain an overview of the entire project. I assure coordination and accountability for the best cumulative results."

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Karen Cerny, RPA Vice President of Property Management

"My major goal for our property managers is to provide outstanding customer service to our tenants and enhance property values for our building owners."

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Michael Melun, Senior Vice President

Under Construction

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Troy Peterson, Controller

"I provide a broad vision of teamwork and collaboration in the fast paced industry of commercial real estate. My personality of continual process improvement means my job is never complete. My team strives to provide accurate and consistent financial reports for Prime West and its clients."

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Stephen F. Clarke, CEO

On February 23, 2016 Prime West lost its founder, CEO, mentor and friend, Stephen F. Clarke. For information on Steve's passing, please follow the link below.